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Steam Sauna Service

Steam Sauna Service in Dallas – Fort Worth area with Competitive Rates Factory Certified Sauna Repair Service Agent and Parts Are you looking for a technician for your steam sauna service repair?  If so, look no further.  We repair saunas in Dallas – Fort Worth and surrounding areas including North Dallas, Arlington, Irving, and Plano. Repairing a […]

steam sauna service
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General Contracting

We specialize in Design/Build of Commercial/Residential Custom Steam Showers & Custom Dry Sauna Rooms. We also Specialize in Commercial/Residential Custom Remodeling

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Steam Design

A steam room is a “wet heat” environment. Letting the steam envelop your body and fill your lungs is quite the sensation in itself, but there are many more experiences to explore inside of your steam room.

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Sauna Design

Sauna rooms are a “dry heat” environment. Sauna rooms are perfect for heat treating sore muscles, sweating away stress, or just enjoying a few moments of warmth. Most saunas are covered in wood, giving the entire experience a more natural and traditional feeling. There are many options to enhancing this experience.

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Bath Design

Alter your shower experience just by introducing different fixtures for different purposes. A handheld spray offers convenience in addition to letting you play director to the water flowing from it. Overhead rainshowers can recreate the nostalgic feeling of playing in the rain. Bodysprays can be placed to ensure you get even more coverage of water from different angles.

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