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Steam Design

A steam room is a “wet heat” environment. Letting the steam envelop your body and fill your lungs is quite the sensation in itself, but there are many more experiences to explore inside of your steam room.

McCarthy Steam and Sauna Bath Designs, Consults, and Builds Residential and Commercial Steam Environments. From retrofitting Residential showers or spaces, too dedicated large rooms typically seen in sports clubs and hotels we build them all. These “wet heat environments” take a special know how to ensure proper environment design and construction.  Our knowledge of the Bathing Industry and Relationships with Industry Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers allows us to Design and Construct steam rooms that boast with Industry leading Contractor/Manufacture Guarantees and Warranties. Our steam envelope & benching materials are backed by a Manufacture 10 year warranty against leaks and lifetime Warranty on mold. Residential Steam Generators backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty that is often extended by McCarthy Steam & Sauna Bath. We even offer maintenance services for extended protection.  This ensures that the next time the steam room is remodelled, it’s for a fashion statement and not an envelope failure that can not only stench, but also be a hazard to your health. We take every step to ensure your Steam Bath and surrounding areas are built to stand the test of time.

Each Steam Environment can be customised to fit every enthusiasts needs. Many enthusiasts’ favourite accessories have been Aroma Injection through the Steam Line, LED RGB Wall & Ceiling lights, elevated benching to name a few. Contact us today to get your project full steam ahead!