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Steam Sauna Service

Steam Sauna Service in Dallas – Fort Worth area with Competitive Rates

Factory Certified Sauna Repair Service Agent and Parts

Are you looking for a technician for your steam sauna service repair?  If so, look no further.  We repair saunas in Dallas – Fort Worth and surrounding areas including North Dallas, Arlington, Irving, and Plano.

Repairing a sauna that is not working properly or not getting hot enough, can be difficult to diagnose and repair.  From electrical problems to complete heater replacement and sauna refurbishment, we’ve got you covered.  We have been servicing and repairing saunas for over 4 years and have the knowledge and resources to get your sauna heater running in peak performance.  Give us a call .

Sauna service can range from sauna heater repair and element replacement to heater control and wood replacement. Whatever service your sauna is in need of, we can help you get it up and running.  We have been servicing saunas in Dallas and Forth Worth for over 4 years and have the knowledge and the experience to get your sauna up and running.

Servicing your steam generator is essential to ensure its operation and life.  Without being serviced properly, your steam generator’s warranty may become void and future repairs can become more costly.  If you are in Dallas or Fort Worth and surrounding area and your steam generator needs service, give us a call