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Sauna Design

The heat of a sauna permeates through the entire room. The heat sensation is strongest against your skin but the warmth will penetrate deeper making for a therapeutic experience. The sauna, being a “dry heat” environment, will make you sweat which helps your body cleanse impurities. There’s nothing quite like allowing yourself to escape to the heat of a sauna to relax and sweat away the stresses of everyday life.

McCarthy Steam and Sauna Bath, Designs, Consults, and Builds Residential and Commercial Sauna Environments. From retrofitting Residential spaces, too dedicated large rooms typically seen in sports clubs and hotels we build them all. These “dry heat” environments take a special know how to ensure proper environment design and construction.  Our knowledge of the Bathing Industry and Relationships with Industry Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers allows us to Design and Construct Sauna rooms that boast with Industry leading Contractor/Manufacture Guarantees and Warranties.

Each Sauna Environment can be customised to fit every enthusiasts needs. Many enthusiasts’ favourite accessories have been LED RGB Wall & Ceiling lights, elevated benching and LED RGB Himalayan salt light fixtures to name a few.  Many elements and design aspects go into ensuring Sauna Environment Success. With Bather Guarantee you can trust us to build the Sauna of your dreams.